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Title: SEPTEMBER order deadline
Post by: Wendy on August 29, 2012, 09:00:31 PM
Many people have been asking for an order so one is going in this next month. Please email your orders to me at ( by Sunday 16th September at the latest for your order to be included.

If you're using the printed catalogues, please note that the special offers have now changed so if you want to take advantage of these, you'll need to get access to the online catalogue (

I've had a total technology meltdown with both my computer and backup drive failing simultaneously so I've lost my address book. Consequently, anyone who hasn't been added to the forum won't have received notification by email. Please can everyone make sure to pass the word around and if anyone has been missed off the list, ask them to get in touch with Wendy ( to be added to the forum and they'll then receive further emails.

If you're at all unsure of the procedure about ordering, payment and delivery, please check out the information section (

Last time we had some problems with late payments from several people. Please make sure you check your email frequently once you've placed your order and be ready to pay your bill as soon as you receive notification of the final amount. We can't ask Essential to keep the pallet(s) in their despatch area for any longer than it takes to sort out the out of stock items, errors and substitutions, so immediate payment means immediate payment.

If for some reason it becomes impossible for you to pay immediately, then please get in touch and let us know what's happening. It's often possible to arrange cover if we know about it, but last time I was put in the position of having to go into personal overdraft to front over 1,000 of other people's bills without any of those people contacting me to say what was happening with their payment. This is neither fair nor acceptable and I'm not prepared to do it again. Please remember that the cooperative only works if all members are willing to do their bit to make it work.
Title: Re: SEPTEMBER order deadline
Post by: Wendy on September 17, 2012, 07:14:36 PM
A big 'thank you!' to everyone who sent in their orders by the deadline in a form which was mostly easy to collate. The job took way less time this time than it has in the past.

The order total currently stands at 2,890. Too much for one free pallet but not quite enough for a second. Is there something you missed you'd like to add? Or a niggling feeling in the back of your head that you should have gone for the 15 litre Ecover pack at 20% off onstead of the 5? If just a few people can come up with one or two more items apiece, we should be able to get the total over 3,000 and qualify for free delivery on the entire load.

Emails to ( please!
Title: Re: SEPTEMBER order deadline
Post by: Wendy on September 18, 2012, 08:53:26 PM
We've now comfortably exceeded the required order value threshold for free delivery on 2 pallets. The order is going in tonight, so no more additions please.