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Title: Pre-Christmas order
Post by: Wendy on November 12, 2011, 07:19:11 PM
Since there weren't enough of us at the meeting this afternoon to determine whether or not we have enough interest in a pre-Christmas order to make the 1,500 free delivery threshold, PLEASE CAN ALL COOP MEMBERS INTERESTED IN ORDERING BEFORE CHRISTMAS GET IN TOUCH WITH WENDY ( AND LET HER KNOW THE ROUGH VALUE OF WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can work out whether we have enough.

Just to underline, we don't need your order at this point in time. We just need to know the approximate value. THE DEADLINE FOR LETTING US KNOW IS A WEEK FROM TODAY, ie. Saturday 19th November, and the total we have on that day will decide whether or not we go ahead. If we do go ahead, then we will be looking to have your orders by the end of the following week (November 26th) so we can place the order with Essential in the first week of December.

Title: Re: Pre-Christmas order
Post by: Wendy on November 16, 2011, 07:19:56 PM
Thanks very much to everyone who's responded with a note of how much they intend to spend for a pre-Christmas order. We should now have enough to clear the free delivery threshold, so the order will go ahead.

Please send your orders to me at by Saturday 26th November.

If you need a new copy of the order form spreadsheet, or this is your first order with the coop, the spreadsheet is attached to this message. Download it to your computer, then you can either work with it in Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet software that can import Excel files (almost all do), or use web-based spreadsheet programs like Google Docs ( or Zoho ( If computers are not your thing and you really can't face working with a spreadsheet, please email me for an alternative.

Don't forget the forum is available for order sharing if you want to split large packs, and now we have more members it should be easier to find people to share with you.