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Title: Barril Group Wholefood order deadline Sunday 21st February 2015
Post by: Julia on February 12, 2015, 09:38:02 AM
Dear Members

As mentioned in the last order (via Benfeita group) the ordering process has changed slightly to reduce errors.

Now you have to put your items in the "basket" and work through the short process (see link below) until you create a spreadsheet which you send to me.  This process stops any product / code anomalies.

A full explanation of the new ordering procedure is at this location on the forum. Just click the link to read it. You don't need to log into the forum -

Kind regards,
Julia and Rachel

If you have any registration problems please contact:
Barril Co-op Team

PS. A small number of you still have not provided me with bank details to provide refunds for last (Barril) orders - if you wish this amount to come off any future orders please let me know - or provide bank details for a refund which I will process next week (thank you to those who have done this already).