Author Topic: Feb 22nd 2015 ORDER: Out-of-Stock vs Substitutions suggestions  (Read 4695 times)

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Feb 22nd 2015 ORDER: Out-of-Stock vs Substitutions suggestions
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:43:25 PM »
Dear Members who have ordered:

Here are the Out-of-Stock vs substitutions suggestions - PLEASE

1) Look through the list to see if anything was on your order:

2) let me know ASAP if you would LIKE a suggested sub or NOT.  If there are no suggestions there is probably nothing similar to replace it with - so we will reduce your order total accordingly.

3) If I don't hear from you by midday tomorrow I will process your order WITHOUT a substitution.

PS: can Caryn and Steve please let me know a new Honey code as H150P no longer exists and I don't know enough about honey to offer a suggestion!

Kind regards

S082P                        0.00     PNB CR +S  1K    Meridian : WOULD YOU LIKE S020P 6*280G MERIDIAN?
V372P                        0.00     Ketjap Manis Organic
BC34P                        0.00     EthiopianCoffee(Org)
C728P                        0.00     Tamari(Org) 2.5L Cle - WOULD YOU LIKE C524P 6*500ML ESSENTIAL ORG TAMARI?
MA34P                       0.00     MorningBerry Flapjak
R0990                        0.00     Disc Superseded F9 - WOULD YOU LIKE R076B: ORGANIC BASMATI
H236B                        0.00     DSB Sugar        5Kg
S504P                        0.00     Natural Almond Drink WOULD YOU LIKE S503P: ALOMND DRINK + CALCIUM? 6X1LT
X120P                        0.00     DISC. SUPERSEDED F6 - THIS IS DISCONTINUED
F144W                       0.00     Dates - (Org)(ft)1kg
C525P                        0.00     Tamari (Org) 2lt - THIS IS OOS, WOULD YOU LIKE C524P?
S055Y                        0.00     Sesame Seeds ORG  250
R099B                        0.00     Disc Superseded F9 - DISCONTINUED WOULD YOU R076B.
M005X                        0.00     Gourmet Seed Mix Org
S308P                        0.00     TahiniLightOrg3KgSun WOULD YOU LIKE S202P: TAHINI LIGHT 3KG.? ESSENTIAL BRAND.
BD22P                        0.00     Disc Superseded F9 - DISCONTINUED
C281P                        0.00     Engevita Yeast F+B12 - OOS NO SUITABLE SUB
C427P                        0.00     Shoyu(Org) 150ml Cls -  WOULD YOU LIKE ESSENTIAL C526P: 6*250ML
S028P                        0.00     PNB Crunchy (ns)(Org
B201P                        0.00     Tick Tock Rooib(Org)
C003B                        0.00     Fruit & Nut Muesli 5
F400B                        0.00     Raisins Org      Tur
X122P                        0.00     DISC. SUPERSEDED F6 - THIS IS DISCONTINUED