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Reminders that the deadline for the next Barril order is next Sunday, 17th May have been sent.

orders to please

The order for May 2015 has been submitted. With over 200 items it was a very large order. I am now awaiting the bill which I will then use to make the individual invoices. When you receive this I will also provide details of how to pay.
I would like to thank Julia for her advice, Wendy for her support and Nienke who helped with the collation of some of the orders.
I know a few people had difficulties making their orders and I'd like to thank those who redid them (sometimes several times) to make it easier for me. It really did help and I appreciate it.

Rachel  ;)

The goods have been loaded on the pallets and invoices have been sent out.

Please pay asap in POUNDS STERLING by bank transfer to the details provided with your bill. If you do not have a sterling account PAYPAL (payment to friends and family option) and TRANSFERWISE are your best option and have both been used successfully by members.

OOO I made a mes
I came home whit 6 almond butter which or not mine and I by accident ordered two Wholemeal strong 25 kilo flour I stead of one white
I took only one home.

If no one wants the pom-kin seeds I am Interested.
LeenDid any one take the bags home or ore they still ate the assosiasao?


The order arrived today and an e-mail was sent to notify members.

From what i understand (i'm in Aberdeen) if you were unable to collect your order it is still at the recreation center in a locked room. The key is available if you ask at the bar. As a vast amount of orders were not collected only the ones with prior arrangement were taken to Julias or my farm. My partner and Julia were at the recreation center for 5 hours and were unable, with other commitments, to wait further.

Please ensure that when you collect your order you cross reference it with your order and bear in mind any out of stocks. Already some products have been taken by mistake and need to be returned. Please make a note of any discrepancies and i will sort them out from the beginning of next week.



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