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How the forum works
« on: September 18, 2011, 12:11:27 PM »

This forum has been set up mainly for coop members to find other members to share orders with outside their immediate circle of friends and neighbours and for us all to communicate easily with each other. Please note: we've had to disable the online signup to the forum. It was getting far too much spam.

To join the coop is very simple. Email with brief details about yourself and where you live so we know you're not a spammer, and we will send you an invitation to join. Please also note which group - Benfeita or Barril de Alva - you want to designate as your 'home' group. Complete the registration process as detailed in the invitation email, then you'll have access to all the members-only sections and full details about our orders, suppliers, ordering process, etc. (If by any chance you don't receive the registration email, check your junk/spam folder. If the email isn't there, then follow the directions here.)

When an order has been announced by either group, use the order sharing section of that group to post the products and pack sizes you'd like to find people to share with you, or respond to postings from others. Please take responsibility for sorting out the logistical arrangements of your shared orders with the people you're sharing with, ie. whether you're splitting the pack at the delivery point or arranging to do it at someone's house, and make sure you have an appropriate container to collect your order in.

There are lots of other sections on this forum - details of local suppliers, community interest projects, coop admin and member advertisements. Since this is an informal cooperative with no legal status and no hierarchy, it is exactly what we make it. Get involved! Suggestions for additional boards on the forum are welcome.

If you want to contact other members privately, you can send them a private message via the forum or email them, either via the icons under their avatars on their posts, or via their member profiles. (Please note email addresses are NOT visible to non-members.)

The default language of the forum is English, but Portuguese, Dutch, German and French are all supported and you can post in any and all of these languages. (Volunteers to provide translations of these information posts would be welcome. Message us and translations can be added below.)
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