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March 2016 order


The end-March order has now been submitted to Essential. Please keep an eye on your email Inbox over the next week for notifications of out of stock items. You'll have just 24 hours to make substitutions. Small items can also be added at this point, so let me know if you forgot anything. No 25kg sacks though - these have to be loaded on the bottom of the pallets.

Out of stock notices have now gone out to those affected. Since it's Friday, the usual 24-hour window for substitutions can be extended until Sunday evening, but I need all substitutions and late additions by then to be able to collate them and get them to Essential for Monday morning.

Bills went out on Friday and most people have paid over the weekend. Thanks very much to you all for being so prompt! Just waiting on the last 2 before I can pay Essential and get the order despatched.

The order arrived this afternoon. It's now sorted and ready for collection. Please collect tomorrow after midday, Thursday 13h-18h or Friday 9h-13h and text Nicole your name and collection time beforehand. Her number is 925 344 548.


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