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May 2016


hello all,

Jusr a reminder that the deadline for the next Barril order is this Sunday the 29th May.
Use the forum section to organise any sharing of bulk orders and arranging collective pick ups. Details of how to pay (which will be in pounds) and directions to the delivery point (which is in Santa Ovaia) will be supplied later in the process.

Your administration team for this order consists of; Rachel.

The last of the invoices have been sent out with details of how to pay. Please pay as soon as possible.
thanks, Rachel x

Dear all,

A member sent in the incorrect csv file which at this stage in the process i am unable to remove as the goods have been picked and placed on the pallets. If anyone is interested in the following please get in touch at:

P165B   Essential     Mung Beans       5kg                                  1   16.950   

C413P   Clearspring   Miso - 100% Soya (Hatcho)  6 * 300g   1   25.10

N310B   Essential  Peanuts   5kg                                                    2   20.09each
S055P   Sojade     Soya Alternative To Cream        4 x 200ml     1      16.350

Thanks, Rachel x


The final invoice has been paid so i can now pay the Essential invoice and hopefully the goods will be despatched by early next week. As soon as i know of the delivery date i will let you know with directons to the Centro Social in Santa Ovaia.


Rachel xx


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