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Here are the order deadline dates for 2018. We’ve decided to move the order dates from the end of the month to the middle.  The reason is that the Essential promotions change every two months, so every other month up to now all the promotions have changed between coop members submitting their individual orders and the whole order being placed with Essential.  So, from now on the deadline is the 15th of each month.

February   Barril group. Orders to

March   Tábua group. Orders to

April      Benfeita group. Orders to

May      Barril group. Orders to

June      Tábua group. Orders to

July      Benfeita group. Orders to

August   Barril group. Orders to

September   Tábua group. Orders to

October   Benfeita group. Orders to

November   Barril group. Orders to

Any changes to this schedule will be posted here and a broadcast email will be sent.

In any case the group admins will send a reminder email before the deadline for each order.