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where it stands at the moment
« on: September 21, 2011, 10:13:53 PM »
Hi there,
Joao and I have met with Alfredo once to ask if it was even possible to get the school for community purposes.
He said that he has been trying for a while to get the keys, so to speak, of the Camara Municipal in Arganil, so he then can more easily designate a purpose for the building.
He also stated that his initial thoughts were to make the building into a house ( he didn't mention if this was for sale or rent and who would be entitled to buy/rent it, but then we didn't feel fit to ask this)
But he is willing to help us if we wanted to pursue our ideas.
We will probably have to present some kind of project. The what and the hows are currently still a bit vague.
What I did understand from the conversation with Alfredois that there was a meeting planned for last Monday (19Sept) between Freguesia Benfeita and Camara Municipal about he subject. So in the next few days I will ask Alfredo what the outcome of this meeting was.
For anyone who put his name on the list last coop meeting, we can meet up at some point and exchange some ideas.
Up for it?