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black soya bean and parsnips (gladiator)

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I have an excess of black soya been seed and parsnip (gladiator), i have also smaller amounts of evening primrose, hollyhock, cherokee trail of tears beans and a little bit of blue hopi corn
post here if interested

Would very much like parsnip, cherokee trail of tears, and Hopi blue corn.  :) If I manage to get ground prepared this winter, then possibly black soya bean too. Chickens eat those, right?

Hi Wendy, not tried to grow the soya bean in winter, and have yet to grind some up for the chooks, will also attempt my favourite refried black bean mexican dish to see if they are edible for humans too, will let you know

I meant ground prepared in winter to grow the soya beans come Spring  :) I'm guessing they need a reasonable area to themselves and are maybe not the sort of thing for the polyculture raised beds?

they seem to do better a bit later in the spring, you want the intense sun to dry them on the plant, actually they are quite squat and don't take up that much room, great nitrogen fixers and can pretty much go anywhere, if you want to see some growing, i've still got a load in on the borrowed meadow. let me know if you want to look at them, they're very nice!!!haha


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