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Meeting Minutes | November 12th 2011
« on: November 12, 2011, 07:49:53 PM »
Meeting 12th November 2pm @ cafe in Coja
Attendees: Sarah, Nicole, Lucy, Keeley Wendy, Rachael, steffi and Lisa
Apologies: lost track, sorry 

Minutes from the last meeting
Minutes from last meeting were not discussed as this was primarily a meeting to discuss how the first order went, what could be done differently and whether we will put in a Christmas order.

Matters arising from first order
General consensus was that the first order went smoothly, although some payments to Wendy were delayed, so she ended up having to front a fair bit of the total in order to get the order despatched. She was able to on this occasion, but it was agreed this wasn't acceptable in any case and that the order shouldn't be paid for next time until all monies have been received. It has to be emphasised that all members need to be ready to pay immediately they receive their bills. Essential assembles our order BEFORE invoicing us - ie. before bills are issued. The packed pallet is then sitting around in their despatch area waiting on payment, so we really do need to pay as soon as possible. 

Delivery also went smoothly though Nicole has requested that only 5 people help with the order on arrival, so that everything can be sorted and double-checked and discrepancies noted before people take their orders away. The team are: Nicole, Wayne, Lucy, Duncan and Keeley. Any problems arising from the receipt of the order ie. missing items, need to be reported to Essential within one week of arrival. Lucy will provide definitive list to Nicole, and Nicole and Wendy will liaise with each other and Essential.

Wendy will text/email everybody when the order has arrived and been checked and sorted. All orders need to be collected within 24 hours of receiving notification: Wayne and Nicole do not have storage space for uncollected orders. It was suggested that people outside of Benfeita could group together and arrange for one person to collect all the orders for that area. Please don't arrive to collect your order before receiving notification and make sure Wendy has an up-to-date mobile number for you.

We need a reliable means of communicating with everybody as a lot of people still haven't signed up to the forum or responded to emails. Wendy offered to text everyone via the internet as well as sending emails, but it was also noted that it's up to members to make sure they're easily contactable, and to arrange with friends/neighbours to receive messages on their behalf if they don't have internet or good phone reception.

Christmas order
We need all members of the coop who want to order before Christmas to indicate roughly how much they intend to spend by next Saturday, November 19th. If we have a total of at least 1500 (to qualify for free delivery) by then, we will go ahead with the order. Otherwise it will be made in January.
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