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Hello Benfeita friends!
For those of you who have been expecting this baby to be ready you can look at some pictures:

This is the last stage just before the second rotor was dropped in. What you are looking at is the stator which has the coil windings encased in resin:

By joaodragon at 2011-11-25

Here is the happy moment when she was first tested:

By joaodragon at 2011-11-25
First AC test using only 2 of the 3 fazes managed over 200Volts hand cranked...

By joaodragon at 2011-11-25

By joaodragon at 2011-11-25

Above we have the rectifier already connected for a DC test. The meter is in the 600Volt DC setting and the alternator is making 325Volts Hand cranked. Around 800watts. This alternator is asking for MPPT... Also asking for a new home asap, so I can get on with making another.
These are hand cranked, open voltage tests obviously, but the alternator is performing exactly as it should. This is a serious machine, locally produced, customized to any rpm voltage or any requirements. Any repair is possible from new bearings to new stator or rotors, so it should work for ever. Any more info please get in touch. Peace. 

By joaodragon at 2011-11-25

that looks great but what is it?

Very happy to give it a new home subject to testing onsite. Cash available immediately!

Sarah - it's an axial flux alternator.


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