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Twin tub washing machines
« on: December 23, 2011, 05:35:56 PM »
3 of us in Benfeita are going to be ordering these from the UK. However we can get a discount of 50 per machine for 5 or more, so are looking for 2 more people to buy these machines with us. They are brand new but equivalent to the old Hoover and Hotpoint twin tub models. Twin tubs are far more efficient than front-loading automatics. They complete a wash cycle in a fraction of the time and use a fraction of the power so are ideal for people who are off-grid, as we all are.

The machines we are ordering are the 7kg capacity Polar Jetstream Supremes. These are semi-industrial machines supplied to hotels and sports clubs and are more robust than the smaller and cheaper models. Full details here. The price is 399 inc VAT ex delivery, 349 with discount. The company have quoted us delivery at roughly 85 per machine, so if we can get the discount it will make quite a difference.

If you're interested, please respond here.
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