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Conscious Parenting Summit
« on: June 11, 2012, 08:10:01 AM »
I would like to by Conscious Parenting Summit Audio Recordings $49.95 Bud would love to share the price and the information whit all of you so we can make meeting about parenting and so make or world a better place .

Ingrid Bauer Interview
Robin Lim Interview
Dr. Sarah Buckley, MD Interview
Barbara Harper Interview
Laura Shanley Interview
Elena Vladirimova Interview
April Renee Interview
Jan Hunt Interview
Naomi Aldort Interview
Carrie Contey, PhD Interview
Shazzie Interview
Hethir Rodriguez Interview
Bregje Hamelynck Interview
Michael Mendizza Interview
Marilyn Milos Interview
Mary Jackson Interview
A portion of the profits from this summit is donated to charities supporting women and children's well-being, including Robin Lim's "Bumi Sehat" foundation in Bali.