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Who likes to share this ? Essential   Red Quinoa   6 x 500g   13.75   Z   3.21      O, V, F   G012X

I'll take half a pack Leen. If it's a half you're wanting, then just enter the full pack size on your order (since you can't do a half pack on the Essential website) and remind me in your email that I'm sharing the pack with you!!

I'll take 1 x 500g if you still have some spare, if not don't worry!

I'm happy to have 2 rather than 3 x 500g Sophie

I payed for the 6x500 and have 3x500 that is nice .Bud i do not know who god the rest and so who owes me some money? where or how do I find out? if someone knows please let me know.


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