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If your email is on gmail/googlemail, yahoo, hotmail ...
« on: August 17, 2013, 05:34:24 PM »
We rely on the forum's communication facilities to send out registrations to new members and notifications of new order deadlines. We've found that quite a few - though by no means all - people with email addresses at gmail, googlemail, yahoo, hotmail and some of the other large companies like sapo don't seem to be receiving forum communications. This is not something we can do anything about as it's down to your spam settings. If you have adjusted your settings to eg. block all addresses not in your contact list to avoid the huge amounts of spam on these services, then you won't get anything from us until you add us to your contact list.

So when you send a request to sign up to the forum, please make sure you add and the ordering email addresses of each group* that you would intend to order with to your contact list to ensure you get our communications. (*,, or

Gmail users - check your Promotions tab and add us to your allowed senders list.

Similarly, if you asked to register with the coop and never completed the registration process, this will probably be the likeliest reason why not. There are presently 15 unactivated membership requests and they're all either gmail, googlemail, yahoo or hotmail addresses. If you've never activated your forum membership, please add the coop email addresses to your contacts, then email to ask for a new registration email.
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