Author Topic: Meeting Minutes | Establishment Meeting | September 12th 2011  (Read 1788 times)

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Meeting Minutes | Establishment Meeting | September 12th 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:57:19 PM »
Meeting to establish the new food co-operative

12th september 10am @ Lagar Na Ponte

Attendees: Sarah, Lisa, Nicole, Wayne, Lucy, Keeley, Jody, Dagwood,
Wendy, Djamila, Clare, Joao, Emma, Clio, Kin, Beth, Francis, Marco,
Apologies: Richard and Kristin


It was decided to get things going to appoint a chair (Lucy) a secretary
(Sarah) and a treasurer (Wendy), although this system can be dispensed
with later on.

Matters arising:

It was agreed that we would start by using essentials for everything and
try and get an order in this month to make use of the 10% off everything
discount. Emma and Clio and Djamila are looking in to local suppliers for
other stuffs, but was agreed for now we will get going with Essentials,
have a look at the kinds of things people buy and the quantities and then
take it from there.

Sarah and Nicole agreed to liaise with Alfredo with a view to using the old
school as a delivery point for the goods, stopping at Waynes first to drop
off and then Wayne transporting up to the school road (as small turning
area, not suitable for heavy goods vehicles)

Lucy will call Essentials and organise the setting up of an account, with
on-line passwords and a seperate email account, to be presented at next

Nicole and Kin will liaise with each other into looking at the best possible
delivery prices and come back to next meeting with information

It was agreed that we would place an order every 2 months

Any other business:

Dagwood suggested a kitty at each meeting to cover costs or a party!!
Jody offered the use of some heavy duty scales

Date of next meeting:

19th September 10am Lagar Na Ponte