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Meeting arranged for Wednesday 30th October
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:55:54 AM »
As you might have already heard, we're calling a meeting of coop members to talk about where the coop goes from here. It's grown so big now that the admin required for each order and the space needed to process the orders when they arrive are more than the volunteer members in Benfeita are prepared to cope with. The effort needs to be spread more widely.

The proposal from the Benfeita members is that we split the coop into a minimum of 3 autonomous groups. Each group will be responsible for its own account with Essential and its own ordering and delivery, but will still be part of the coop as a whole and can call on members from other areas to help make sure minimum order values are achieved. Also, orders can be rotated between the groups on a regular basis so there is an order going in from somewhere every month. More details at the meeting.

If you live further than 10km from Benfeita, please try to come to the meeting as this will effect YOU and we need volunteers to step forward to set up accounts and organise ordering and delivery for their area.

The meeting is on Wednesday October 30th at 5:30pm at the Casa da Criança in Coja. (If you don't know the building, it's on the corner between the two woodyards, overlooking the river, and near the health centre and Junta de Freguesia.)