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Meeting Minutes | September 19th 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 07:16:28 PM »
Meeting to establish the new food co-operative

19th september 10am @ Lagar Na Ponte

Attendees: Sarah, Nicole, Lucy, Keeley Wendy, Djamila, Emma, Clio, Kin, Beth, Raffa, Rob, Jules,Steve (Hughes)
Apologies: Richard and Kristin, Suma and Dave, Lisa, Rachel, Dagwod, Jody, Clare and Joao, Frances and Marco 

Minutes from the last meeting

Sarah, Joao and Nicole met with Alfredo to discuss using old school building as drop off point for food, it seems that we need to treat this as a separate project, so Nicole sent a book round asking for people to put their names down if they want to get involved in this new project and for the time being Wayne and Nicoles house will be used as the drop-off point. Keeley, Lucy, Kin and duncan have all offered muscle etc. for the first order. 

Lucy has set up a new account with Essential and an email account for general coop use available to all members on coop business.
The account name is: Benfeita Coop
Customer order number: BC29
To access the catalogue, use the email address and the password BC293305-031 (note the password is case sensitive)
(Login page:
Our co-op email: password: mentallentil

Wendy has also set up an email address for orders only.  Wendy has set up an online forum for order sharing (and other coop matters) and a spreadsheet order form. She has offered to run the ordering side of the co-op since it ties in so closely with the finance. Orders are entered on the spreadsheet (which gives an approximate total in £ and Ä) and sent to Wendy by the order deadline. She then amalgamates the order, places it with Essential, and then contacts everyone with their final invoice total, taking account of things like price changes, out of stock items, VAT and delivery, if applicable. Essential require a single payment for the order, and Wendy will process this through her UK bank account.

If you want to split orders or take advantage of cheaper prices on bigger packs, arrange to share with friends or use the forum to find people to share with you.

Wendy will send everyone for whom we currently have email addresses a copy of the spreadsheet. If you know of anyone else who wants to join, ask them to email Wendy for a copy. For those who donít use computers and/or donít have online access, find a friend who does and ask them to submit your order for you. Printed catalogues are also available to order from.

When you complete the spreadsheet, you will need to say whether youíre paying in £ or Ä.

Once youíve placed your order and been informed of your final total, payment must be made immediately. The order will not be dispatched from Essential until full payment is received, and Wendy will not be able to make this until everyone has paid. Sterling payments should be made by internet/phone banking transfer to her UK account and Ä payments can either be made by Multibanco transfer to her Portuguese account or in cash. No cheques.

The exchange rate used will be the spot rate on the day the order is placed. To ensure full transparency, the full order and associated financial transactions will be sent out to all members on completion of the transaction.

Trade agreement has been sent today with payment details.  Transport is free on each pallet of £1500 or more in value. If a charge is made for a part pallet, then the delivery cost will be split pro-rata according to the total weight of each individual order.

Orders will be run every three months to make sure we fit the above criteria  It was agreed by all present that in order to get the heavy stuff on one pallet or two if it spills over NO crisps or paper products can be ordered, except "feminine hygiene" products.

If we don't fullfil the free delivery criteria we will have to source our own transport or pay for part pallets.

In addition to the Essential order, there will be a place on the online forum where products available from local/Portuguese organic suppliers will be listed. How we work these orders isnít yet clear, but publicising price lists is the first step in this direction.
Matters arising

School Building project: anyone interested in helping set this up please liaise with Joao or Nicole  There was a suggestion that the 10% we save this month (25 year promotion, probably won't happen again) be put towards any shortfall on subsequent orders to make up our £1500 minimum, nothing really agreed as not everyone present  The

Deadline for this months order is Friday 23rd September by 6pm

There is no meeting set as everything should all be set up now, you can access everyones email address if you need from this email.

So just to re-iterate 
Go to the Essential website and log in (as above)
Choose your items and fill in the spreadsheet (sent to you by Wendy)
and then send spreadsheet back to wendy
wait for your bill from wendy
pay wendy
wait for goods
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