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WANTED (by another member)
« on: December 09, 2014, 10:33:13 AM »
If anyone has some of these items (or similar) they can split please can they post back; so it can be arranged when delivery occurs.

G045X Essential oat groats organic, 6x500g, £4.95;
0146P Granovita omega oil blend, 6x260ml, £35.06;
B672P Dragonfly rooibush vanilla, 4x40 bags, £6.03;
S130P koko original coconut drink, 12x 1lt, £15.21;
H652D psyllium husks 500g, £7.90;
F696B Essential stoneground wholemeal rye flour, organic, 5kg, £5.60;
T279P Faith in Nature soap bars with Tea tree, 6x100g, £6.48.
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