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Don't forget order deadline is today, Sunday 28th!

The order deadline for the Benfeita group was yesterday but we're still 300 or so short of our minimum order value for this order to go ahead. Is anyone else wanting anything? The next order (for the Barril group) won't be delivered until mid March.

I'll keep the order open only until we reach our minimum, so if you're considering ordering, please get in touch ASAP. Ordering is very quick and easy with the new method. Nobody seems to have had any difficulties with it so far, and it's made life a whole lot easier this end.

Thanks to everyone who stepped in and made additional orders, we're now comfortably over our minimum order value and the order has been submitted to Essential. No further orders can be taken.

I hoped that by getting the order in on December 31st everyone would still be able to take advantage of the promotional prices that were running when we made our orders, so set the deadline for the additional orders that made up our minimum value accordingly. Unfortunately when I entered the order I discovered Essential had updated their price list before they closed for the New Year holidays. On the plus side, many items people ordered are on the new promotions list so have fallen in price. The total value of the order is virtually the same pre-change as post-change, though obviously individual order totals will vary. Apologies for this, but circumstances made it unavoidable.

The Out of stock list has now been emailed out to those affected. Please make sure you check your email. You have just 24 hours from the receipt of the email to respond if you want to make substitutions.

In case everyone's wondering where their bills are, we're still sorting the out of stock situation. Everyone I heard back from with substitutions had those sent to Essential and most of them have been invoiced. However the guy who was dealing with our order has now gone to Brazil for a couple of months and handed things over to his colleagues. In the process some wires got crossed so they invoiced us for the substitutions AND some of the original orders which had since come back into stock. We're in the process of sorting out the mess. I hope to be in a position to send out bills on Monday or Tuesday.


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